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Calbee – Millennial Snacking & Generational Differences White Paper

A first of its kind, white paper developed in collaboration with Calbee North America and Waggle Dance Marketing Research. As part of the research and development team I worked with the Marketers, Researchers, and Psychologist to analyze, distill and conceptualize valuable data (Psychometrics). The report summarizes the differences in snacking behavior and attitudes between generations in the US. It reflects the result of two research studies, which are a powerful combination of point-in-time plus longitudinal generational studies.

As the lead of data visualization and design on the project I was delighted to add a creative touch to both the quantitative and qualitative data gathered from the research efforts. The challenge was to visually communicate Waggle Dance and Calbee’s online survey of 3,100 adults 18 – 70, matched demographically to the US Census; in conjunction to Dr. Jean Twenge PH.D, Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University, generational research which spans multiple years and includes responses of over 11 million people.

Data Visualization Paulina Vargas

Calbee North America

Research Data Design Paulina Vargas

Marketing Research Paulina Vargas

Marketing Research Paulina Vargas

Data Visualization

Data Visualization


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